Let’s Get Married at Graceland!

It was our wedding anniversary earlier this month & I usually mark the occasion by sharing some of my fave pics on my Facebook page, and I generally get comments about my ‘vintage’ outfit and always smile to myself because, in fact very little of it actually was vintage so, as we celebrate 8 years ‘together’, […] Continue reading →

1950s Cheesecake with Roxie Roulette

  Model Roxie Roulette, image by Luminoso Studios When I started to deal in vintage clothing (as opposed to just collecting it!), I decided to specialise in vintage nightwear as I’ve always loved cute PJs and floaty nightdresses myself, and probably because I’ve always immersed myself in 1950s popular culture which is full of pin-up & ‘cheesecake’ […] Continue reading →

We all need a Little Vintage Lover Fair in our lives…

All images used in this article were taken at the Little Vintage Lover Fair in the village of Heydon in Norfolk, by G. D. Yallop Photographer.  The Wake Up Little Susie stall looking colourful & busy in 2015! A couple of weeks ago I was busy sorting out all my very best stock & crossing everything for nice weather, as the […] Continue reading →

It’s the Super Dooper Seventies!

Me & Simon selling our ’70s related wares at the first Super Dooper ’70s Day in 2013. This event, organised by my good buddy Paul McAlpine, was something completely different – primarily he wanted to organise something for 1970s car owners, as cars from this decade often get overshadowed by vehicles from other periods, and back in […] Continue reading →

Let’s party like Gatsby!

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/14294787/?claim=5c5bnmraugh”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> My own vintage style has always been the 1950s, with it’s roots in my lifelong love for 1950s music and popular culture. Over the years my interests & passions have gradually extended to cover music, movies, culture and fashion from many different periods of time but this has never […] Continue reading →

That Dress No. 2)

This image by Stephen Plumb Photography (it’s a red shoe thing…) Gather around, and I will tell you the story of another favourite from my wardrobe… I started to think about this dress at a friend’s 21st birthday party recently, as one of my main gifts from my fiance (now husband!) for my very own 21st in […] Continue reading →

Pamper Me, Vintage!

I’m currently knee deep in vintage nighties & slips getting ready for a wedding fair this weekend – my very first event with a stall dedicated to nothing but nightwear & lingerie, plus a little linen & lace for your vintage trousseau -eek!! exciting but a little nerve-wracking too! One of my (many!) inspirations for aiming my […] Continue reading →

Stay Cool!

    Over the last couple of days I’ve been getting really fed up with the weather and the whole not being able to sleep thing (I was excited to see a link on the internet today with advice on how to get to sleep in the heat but it was basically opening & closing […] Continue reading →

My weekend with Hitchcock, in THAT skirt.

  This is the story of a very special skirt that I recently had made for me & those who follow me on Facebook have been getting teaser posts & waiting to see a proper photo of it for ages! It began with a post on my FB page from a lady called Gemma with […] Continue reading →

An Old Fashioned Trousseau

    What does the idea of a trousseau mean to you? I think I always took it to mean a collection of clothing and maybe linen, bedding etc that a young woman would collect or have collected for her to see her along her way in her new married life, a kind of old […] Continue reading →