That Dress No. 1)

  I have a lot of dresses, mostly original 1950s ones, I have no idea how many (hey, how about a guess the number of dresses in Susie’s wardrobe one day?) except they are all stuffed into a room that I can’t move in at the moment & to be honest, most of them don’t […] Continue reading →

It’s Peachy Keen in Ipswich!!

  My name is Susie, I live in Norwich and I love Ipswich. That may be difficult for some folk to grasp as there seems to be a slight tension between the places sometimes which I gather is partially football related, but luckily football is none of my business & in my world I’m allowed […] Continue reading →

A Night With the Costume Department

  I had a very enjoyable night out with a difference at one of Norwich’s beautiful theatres last Saturday when Mr P & I headed to The Maddermarket for a closer look at the costume department… It all started a couple of weeks ago when I found myself waiting in the bar of The Maddermarket […] Continue reading →

Flowers in my hair!

  I’ve been doing the ‘fifties thing’ fashion wise for over 25 years now, as part of my Rock ‘n’ Roll roots, but hair adornments have never really been my thing, particularly not hair flowers for some reason, or no reason at all… I think that hair accoutrements have never really been my friend; I […] Continue reading →

Bring on the summer dresses!

Today I went to my first Keep Fit class! This is actually quite a big deal for me as I haven’t really done any ‘proper’ sports, exercise type stuff since I was in high school; I was actually quite OK back in those days at stuff like short distance sprints & long jump, but nothing […] Continue reading →

‘Dior and I’ (and me, Karen & Jo…)

 I’m personally a big fan of the Christian Dior ‘New Look’ style that he revealed to the world in 1947, with it’s post-war return to glamour & femininity with long full skirts and hourglass shapes and this ensemble that I snapped at the V & A last year really has it all for me, colour […] Continue reading →

Let’s Take it in the Garden!

 Thanks to everyone for reading & commenting on my first blog post! A little bit of sunshine & fresh air today have motivated me to put pen to paper, so to speak, again! So, what was  I doing outside in the garden when I should be cracking on with the arduous task of selling vintage […] Continue reading →

Welcome to the world of Wake Up Little Susie!

Well, hello! I’m Susie of Wake Up Little Susie. One of the main things I was keen to do when the day job finished at the end of 2014 and I had ‘more time’ on my hands, was to start writing my very own blog (now that I know what one actually is) and although […] Continue reading →